Strong, expressive and blossoming art where you can get lost in for hours

Have you ever been stopped in your tracks at the vibrant hues of flowers? 

My blossoming art seeks to be something you can rest your eyes upon for a long time, where you can discover new forms, details or figures each time you look at it.

For you to feel lost in the exotic and detailed beauty from nature, to feel inspired and empowered of blossoming color explosions.

Blossoming flowers sparks creativity and wilderness, and in my paintings I seek to capture a piece of this. In gardens and in the wild nature, I find the most stunning or surprising color combinations for my paintings.

Flowers speaks with strong feeling to express themselves and to flourish. They do not excuse themselves for the way they come about or way of life. Still, they also communicate simple beauty and they invites the viewer to look at them endlessly, to feel lost in them.

I use a combined method of acrylic painting and silk screen prints when creating my artworks. All my hand printed silk screen patterns and illustrations connects back to the million intricate details to be found in the beauty of flowers.

All my pieces comes from a place of creative joy. Creative joy means feeling a strong sense of possibility, free expression and to be simply lost and absorbed in the process of creating something you love. 

Ultimately my work is about free and abstract expression, without boundaries, in a flow of blossoming beauty.

Photo above by Jan Stenqvist.

A bit of background...

I’m a Swedish-Icelandic artist, with my atelier in an old glass works factory called Pukeberg, deep into the forest in south of Sweden.

To me, it has always been very important to keep art and creativity within a process of joy.

When I think of expressing what I do when I paint in words, it comes back to the more simple things from my childhood. Why would I draw? Why would I paint? Because it filled me up with these senses - joy, beauty and free expression. 

Growing up in an island in south of Sweden, I was very lucky to be surrounded by many beautiful gardens, as my father is a gardener. In Iceland, where I spent many of my summers in the small village of Kópasker, I also got to explore very strong raw expressions of the Icelandic nature and its unique color palette.

As a child, it was always easy to draw, paint and let the creativity spur free. In both my languages, Swedish and Icelandic, there is a word for this feeling; ”skaparglädje” or ”sköpunargleði”. It basically means; the joy of creating. This feeling has a strong sense of possibility, free playful expression but also focus, without doubting yourself or anything you do, just to be simply lost in your process of creating something.

Have you every felt completely lost in what you do? That hours passes by without noticing? Then you know what feeling I’m referring to when I’m painting.

I hope this is how you will feel about my pieces. When you welcome any of them into your home, I hope they can become something your eyes can return to and rest upon for a long time. Where you can discover new details each time you look at them. Hopefully they spur your own joy of creating, no matter what that would be for you, with that same sense that anything is possible. 

<3 Kristina Hrafnhildur


A summary of my solo and group exhibitons

Solo exhibitions

2023 Mats Bergman Gallery, Karlstad, Sweden
29.09 - 15.10

2022 Nybro Konstförening (digital show), Sweden
1.12 - 31.12

2022 Gallery 28, Kalmar, Sweden
10.9 - 25.9

2019 Monica Strandberg Gallery, Kalmar, Sweden
7.9 - 22.9

Selected group exhibitions

2023 Affordable Art Fair Stockholm, Nacka Strandsmässan, Stockholm, Sweden
05.10 - 08.10

2023 Himmelsberga Museum, Spring Saloon 2023, Sweden
May - June

2023 Nybro Konstförening, Spring Saloon 2023, Nybro, Sweden
January - February

2020 Landskrona Konsthall Art Museum, Summer saloon 2020, Landskrona, Sweden
30.05 - 09.08

2018 Liljevalchs Art Museum, Spring Saloon 2018, Stockholm, Sweden
January - April

Education and representation

Nybro Municipality Art Collection
Mörbylånga Municipality Art Collection
KCSyd (Konstnärscentrum Syd)

The Icelandic Academy of Arts - Bachelor's program in fine arts, Reykjavik, Iceland

Kävesta Folkhögskola - Art and Design program, Örebro, Sweden

Wanna see how the artworks are made and what goes on in my studio?