Rose Petals

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Rose Petals is a large-scale original painting (150x150 cm / 59x59") in acrylic colors. This piece of art is for the passionate and flower-loving, who seeks to be captured by a very expressive piece of beauty. Rose Petals is made through an advanced painting technique of mixed acrylic paint with silk screen prints, hand printed on the canvas. The endless details - decorative illustrations and floral patterns will make you discover something new each time you look at it. Here, you can rest your eyes for a long time, letting your thoughts and inspiration flow.

The overall composition relates to the hidden details inside roses, where the petals meet. Looking close you will discover many beautiful illustrations and decorations while looking from a far, the overall composition is expressive and powerful from its color theme of red, yellow and pink. 

This is an original painting painted with acrylic colors on high quality linen canvas. All patterns and illustrations are hand drawn before hand-printed upon the canvas with silk screen frames. This mix of techniques gives the painting an unique and expressive look.

Rose Petals has been showed in: Himmelsberga Museum Öland, Sweden, Mats Bergman Gallery Karlstad, Sweden and Affordable Art Fair Stockholm, Sweden.

Size: 150 x 150 cm / 59 x 59 inch. 

Frame: The canvas is stretched around a high quality solid wooden frame (2,6 cm / 1 inch thick). No additional frame around the painting.

Please note about shipping: This is a large scale painting which is only available for shipping in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. I do not ship further distances due to high shipping costs and high costs for the buyer in case of returns. Occasionally shipping costs for large scale artworks   fluctuate which I cannot control. If so, I will contact you to let you know the new shipping rate before packing your artwork. 

Pick-up: Pick-up in my studio is also available (Pukebergs Glasswork, Pukebergarnas väg 3, Nybro, Sweden).